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 [Add] DUPE MU 100exp 88%drop OLD SCHOOL

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Join date : 13.10.2014

ПисанеЗаглавие: [Add] DUPE MU 100exp 88%drop OLD SCHOOL   Пон Окт 13, 2014 3:50 am



Server Status: ONLINE !!!, New Cool Updates Coming Soon!

The Server is configured, all is done and now the server starts on: 20.10.2014 In the server have more than 100+ new items. After some time they will be added like awards in the events (Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, etc..) The Server Is unique because he is with very changed appearance, here has the most cool effects created in the history of mu online of all times... Soon we will have facebook page where you will can follow all news about the server, updates, notices, etc..

In the server will not have items +full options, and characters with added by admin stats. On Max Resets 1 level you will have 22770 Points. The Admin try to make the server to have a intrigue by the gameplay. Let's collect here all real dudes there and enjoy the Real OLD-SCHOOL Mu Online.


Server Features:
99.9% Buggless and Stable Server Files
3 FENRIR's + 1 GOLDEN FENRIR (all new skins)
All Features Works - personal shop and all others.
All Events Works - Chaos Castle too.
Unique Server Configuration and GamePlay Experience

Client Features:
Unique Effects and Skills, glow/bloom, +more.
New Map Skins, New Look, Many Modifications
Both hands Equipment in town display
3D Camera

Basic Info:
Server Version: Season 3 Episode 1
Max Players Online: 100
Server UpTime: 24/7
Experience: 100x
Item Drop: 88%
Bless Bug: Off
Points Per Level: 6/7
Elf Buffer Max Level: 300
Guild Create Level: 400

Reset Info:
Max Resets: 69
Reset Level: 400
Points Per Reset: 330
Reset Zen: 20,000,000
Clear Stats: Yes
Clear Inventory: No
Clear Skills: Yes

Chaos Mix +LUCK BONUS Success Rate: 15%
Chaos Mix +10 Success Rate +10: 70
Chaos Mix +11 Success Rate +11: 60
Chaos Mix +12 Success Rate +12: 50
Chaos Mix +13 Success Rate +13: 40
Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 45%
Jewel of Soul Success Rate +Luck: 65%
Jewel of Life Success Rate: 40%

Server Commands:
/post Level Req.: 350
/post Zen Req.: 10,000,000
/add Level Req.: 50
/add Zen Req.: 2,000,000
/pkclear Zen Req.: 666,666,666

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[Add] DUPE MU 100exp 88%drop OLD SCHOOL
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